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September 25-27, 2017
Greater NYC area

Lorne M Lipkus

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, Partner, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP
Lorne M. Lipkus is a founding partner in the Toronto, Ontario, law firm of Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP. He is the senior partner responsible for the firms IP practice. He practices throughout Canada in the area of intellectual property litigation with a principal focus on protecting the intellectual property and the intellectual capital of his clients. His personal engagement with his clients enables him to customize end to end proactive and defensive solutions to combat the piracy, theft, and counterfeiting of his clients property. In addition to strategic defensive work, he actively litigates all manner of anti-counterfeiting cases (copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs) as well as cases involving theft of confidential information, trade secrets, corporate opportunities and tangible property, by former employees, competitors, or others, as well as computer and other fraud and abuse. Lorne’s success is largely attributable to his extensive experience obtaining and enforcing extraordinary remedies including, Anton Piller Orders, Preservation Orders, injunctions and other declaratory relief. In addition to civil litigation, he has a proven track record working with law enforcement, customs, and other professionals. He regularly assists law enforcement in securing information and evidence necessary to obtain a criminal search warrant. He coordinates and secures the resources necessary to execute criminal search warrants; coordinates multi-country investigations and enforcements; deals with all aspects of anti-counterfeiting border enforcement; consults with respect to comprehensive brand protection programs to be implemented or already existing, both domestic and international; and creates multi-platform training programs designed and utilized by industry, government and law enforcement. Lorne has had considerable experience in coordinating all aspects of enforcement issues involving Canadian legislation impacting on counterfeiting/pirating activities including the Copyright Act, Trademarks Act, Patent Act, Industrial Design Act, the Radiocommunication Act as well as Criminal Code offenses and the recently legislated Combating Counterfeit Products Act. In addition to his litigation team, Lorne has also developed an extensive and effective network of professionals, including expert forensic investigators, computer forensic specialists, e-discovery professionals and others, to ensure the appropriate resources can be utilized quickly and cost-effectively for the benefit of his clients. He has attended and presented workshop demonstrations of the firms proprietary network anti-counterfeiting tracking and enforcement software program (N.A.T.E.) tracking information on the service of over 10,000 Anton Piller Orders, preservation orders, cease and desist letters, separate actions, investigations and law enforcement seizures across Canada. He is also actively involved in computer, domain name and Internet issues relating to anti-piracy\counterfeiting enforcement.

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